Swag Blanket

Color: Yard Games

The furiously functional KAVU Swag Blanket has durable canvas or water resistant polyester on the outside and fleece on the inside. Lay it on the grass for a picnic or wrap yourself up at the ball game. A multi-purpose blanket with elastic loop band to roll up for convenient storage.

All blankets are produced from leftover fabric runs to avoid waste. Limited one time only prints.

Dimensions: 52” x 68”.


Prints with 12oz cotton canvas fabric include: Gold Belt, Horizon Dots, Fun Foulard, Sparklers, Spring Montage, Purple Pattern, Garden Tile, Charcoal Tribal, Rhombus Rug, Pineapple Passion, Delicate Deco, Blue Toucan, Prickle Perfect, Lucky Bandana, Daisy Doodle, Spring Hodgepodge, Teal Quilt & Stone Parquet.

Prints with 4oz water resistant rip stop polyester fabric include: Cascade Range, Beach Party, Pastel Chalk, Landscape, Wild Tile, Paper Airplanes, Isle Tile, Palmagrid, Pineapple Party, Retro Palm, Southwest, Surf Blot, Sound Wave, Aqua Wingman & Interstellar.

Prints with 11oz polyester include: Greenhouse, Doodle Ribbon, Horizon Blanket, Sea Glitter, Zig Zag, Saffron, Silver Cloud, Misty Rose, Tranquil, Atomic Orange, Yard Games & Fall Bouquet.   

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