KAVU Sticker Pack

Color: Big Bang Boom

USA made KAVU vinyl sticker packs. You can keep it "klassic" with the Big Bang Boom KAVU Sticker pack or become a KAVU Wild Life Scout and get some merit badges with our Scout Badges pack.

-Big Bang Boom Pack has 11 total stickers.  If you want some klassic KAVU logos and some KAVU die-cuts this is the pack for you.  Featuring 3M® vinyl die cuts that will make your hoopty look real cherry and ready for a KAVU Adventure because FUN HAS NO SEASON.  This pack also features the famous "get ding'd up" KAVU band aid sticker.  A great sticker for dings on your bumper, surf board, skateboard, bike, helmet...you get the idea.  It's not a "medically approved" band-aid but if you're in pinch it's great for small cuts.

-Scout Badges Pack has 7 stickers in total. These are official KAVU merit badges with no sewing required. Complete your first wing suit exit, find a Sasquatch, summit your favorite mountain, spot a narwhal, train your wolf, or crack open a beer you have unlocked a new level. These are official KAVU merit badges with no sewing required.